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Rev. Walsh - St. Anthony's First pastor

Rev. Roger Bowen - Pastor of St. Anthony August 1958 - May 1961

Rev. Leon Watkins

Memorable Dates

Rev. John Hayes - "Fr. John" 1908 - 1989

Rev. William Gaffney 1912 - 1991

Fr. Doran, Msgr. T. Hayes & Fr E. Hayes at the 90th Anniversary Mass at St.Anthony

March 14, 1908 Newspaper Article Announcing New Catholic Church -St. Anthony of Padua to be built.

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Newspaper Article Continued.

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St. Anthony of Padua - pre addition

Main St. Chadwicks, NY 19??

Main St.showing the Church- 19??

1st Communion Class- 19??

Holy Name father-son Communion Breakfast held in the church basement. Late 1940's/early 1950's

Holy Name Society - 1947

Lf to Rt: Harold Bristol,David Moorhead,Mayar Corrou,Fr. Watkins,Arthur Schafer,Donald McGlin,Richard Gilloren

Rev. Edward Humphrey,parishioners Senator & Mrs James Donovan and Rev. Ralph Beiting of Kentucky. 1968

Msgr. Thomas Hayes

Rev. Edward Hayes- 1994

St. Anthony of Padua from the back in 1994

HAPPY 82nd BIRTHDAY MSGR.(AUG. 29,2004)Our Pastor from 1985-1994:

Our Beloved Sr. Mary Daniel

Sr. Mary Melanie

View of St.Anthony's Altar in the 80's

Fr. Madden, Msgr. Doran & Fr. Donovan

St. Anthonys, drawn by Geraldine Horigan

Msgr. T. Hayes, Bishop Harrison, Fr. J.Hayes processing into St.Anthonys for the Diamond Jubilee Mass in 1982

Msgr. T. Hayes, Bishop Harrison, Fr. J.Hayes celebrating Diamond Jubilee Mass in 1982

Msgr. Hayes with Family

1907-1982 Diamond Jubilee Cake

Fr. John & Jane Smith

Fr. Gaffney

Fr. Votraw celebrating midnight Mass on New Year's Eve in 1957 or 1958